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Outdoor media is now the most popular advertising medium now.

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Outdoor media is now the most popular advertising medium now.

Outdoor media is the best advertising medium in urban areas as of now. It can serve as the end point in outdoor advertising. The wide use of outdoor screens accelerated the integration of new technologies with new media aspects of outdoor advertising, driving the linkage between large outdoor screens creating a new revenue source across the outdoor advertising market.

Outdoor media has evolved from Video ads, static images, illuminated signs and neon signs, to what is today an interactive message on an LED display screen, 3D and 2D ads activated in outdoor spaces especially conceived for having the full experience of the ad for marketing Combining these novel methods of communications with the large advertising opportunities provided in large outdoor spaces removes the limitations imposed by traditional outdoor advertising, enabling target audiences for the brand has to offer and the value behind the product, successfully bring a physical reality to the online experience through the companion offline experience. By moving from being simply a visual showcase to an interactive experience for the consumer, outdoor media may be the first worldwide to enter outdoor media era.

Looking more technologies to combine with the outdoor media which can send message for the target audience.