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LED Digital Roll-up Banners

LED Digital Roll-up Banners

LED Digital Roll-up Banner

LED Digital Roll-up Banner Joined

LED Digital roll-up banners are one of the best replacement for Printed roll-up banners. LED Digital Roll-up banners provide the next evolution in marketing, giving the ability to incorporate still digital images, slideshows, gifs, videos, useful information, and live streams in advertising, in events, exhibitions, and promotions. The best of this is to program the contents displayed on the digital roll-up banner remotely or on site. The digital LED roll-up banners are light weight and easy to carry in a flight case to protect from dust and damage. The digital LED roll-up banner can be used in different angle 90 degree, or 75 degrees. You can also hang them from the ceiling. They are very bright to attract people this LED digital banner will grab the audience’s attention at trade shows, campus events, retail stores, Malls, restaurants and much more places. 2 or more LED digital banners can be joined to make 1 single screen. Thanks to this technology.